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3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)
3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)

3.5 mm 49.5" Width Pre-Cut XP Panel Roll (24'-150'ft Long)

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SKU: GSR-160-F

Strong and shatter-proof, double-walled Solexx™ covering protects your seedlings and plants from strong winds, hail, snow, and other harsh weather conditions season after season. Mold and mildew will not grow on the plastic's smooth surface so, years later, your greenhouse will look like it did when you first built it. The insulated greenhouse covering lets your garden all year in most climates. 

Cut the continuous twin-wall covering to the precise length you need for fewer seams and to eliminate waste. The flutes run the length of the material for superior strength.

Choose 3.5mm thickness for maximum light transmission or 5mm if you live in an area with heavy snowfall or high altitude.


  • Diffuses the light, so there are no shadows or hot spots
    • Provides the optimal amount of light plants need to thrive
    • Insulated to hold in heat, 2.1 R-Value
    • Extremely strong in wind and snow to protect your sensitive plants
    • Won't scratch, tear or turn yellow with age
    • Solexx™ is flexible and can wrap over peaks and around corners with one continuous panel, no joint, no opportunity for a leak in the future.
    • Super easy to install
    • 10-year limited UV warranty



    Solexx Greenhouse


    THICKNESS 3.5 mm
    Twin Wall
    R-VALUE 2.1 (3.5mm) / 2.30 (5mm)
    U-VALUE 0.48 (3.5mm) / 0.43 (5mm)
    CUT TYPE Pre-Cut
    up to 110'
    16"-24" Apart from the center
    Wash with mild detergent
    UPS Ground
    10 Years Limited


    • Why Solexx

    Solexx offers the greenhouse with superior light diffusion, undeniable durability with 10 years warranty. Solexx greenhosue has been rated as the most heat economical one due to its patent panel, the temparature in the greenhouse is more stable whatever summer or winter. Plus, You can save up to $462 each year on heating cost. The panel won't fade or yellow overtime, only need little maintenace. 

    • Why Solexx is White?

    The Solexx panel can produces an even diffuse light proven to make your plant growth faster by 30%. More light = more robust growth. Time is Money!

    • What is H-Channel and U-Trim used for?

    H-Channel is used to join the panels together on the long side (another option is to overlap the panels). We recommend caulking the open flutes of the panels with Clear Silicone Caulking to keep bugs and moisture out and maximize the insulation. U-Trim gives the 4’ ends of the panels a nice finished look.

    • 3.5mm or 5mm panel?

    The 3.5mm panels have more light transmission, and recomemded to used in the most zone of gardening. The 5mm panels are used in the very cold zone or high altitude area. Both varieties are available in 4'1" x 8'1" sheets and 4'1" x 12'1" sheets or continuous rolls.

    • How do I clean the paneling?

    Solexx Panes can be easily clearned by rising or wiping without worry of scratching. We suggest you was them with a mild soup or a 10% bleach solution. 

    • What happen if my cover get damaged?

    You can easliy buy the greenhouse cover to replace the damaged one. Check here.

    • What is the shipping cost?

    We offer free shipping to 48 States with UPS shipping. 

    • What is leading time to process and ship order?

    Solexx greenhouse need 2 days to process and it take up to 10 business days to ship. 

    • Can I pay and ship later?

    Yes. we take pre-order for Solexx greenhouse.

    • Still have questions? 

    Check our general FAQ page or chat with us. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Dive to Garden experience

    Dive to Garden is the absolute best place to do business with! They really worked to find what everyone was out oh and kept me posted through the journey. They priced it very competitively and made the whole process very simple!


    Leo helped me to get the panel for my customized greenhouse shed. It is easy to cut and install.