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Vego Garden

17" Tall 6-In-1 Modular Raised Garden Bed

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Vego Garden's 17" Tall 4 In 1 metal garden raised bed is designed for urban gardening with its optimized size for a small-medium backyard. Vego Raised Beds are modularly designed, which means you can assemble the beds into various configurations using the included panels. In the 4-in-1 set, we provide 4 corner panels and 4 side panels. Panels can be easily assembled by tightening the included nuts and bolts. Depending on your yard space, you can pick 1 configuration from the 4 designs


  • Easy to Assemble. Only need a screwdriver (drill) and the included tool.
  • High-Quality Paint. Our beds are painted with a highly durable, standard coil coating system designed exclusively for the metal construction industry.
  • Light and sturdy. Easy to be rearranged
  • 6-in-1 Modular Design. Allow for versatile configurations that fit any backyard space, with 6 possible configurations
  • Long-Lasting Quality. Lasts 3-7 times longer than regular galvanized steel beds and wooden beds
  • No Soil Contamination. It makes your vegetable safe to grow.
  • Safety First. Unlike other metal beds with sharp edges, our beds feature an oval design with no sharp corners, along with heavy-duty rubber edging to cover the edges providing protection from injury.
  • Healthier Roots. Allows plenty of rooms for root systems to develop and better water drainage.


    • (4) Corner Panels C10
    • (6) Straight Panels S15
    • (60) Hardware
    • (1) Safety Edging 
    • (1) Hand Wrench
    • (1) User Manual 

    HEIGHT 17"

    4 Corner Panels (C10)

    6 Side Panels (S15)

    60 Sets of hardware

    20+ YEAR LIFESPAN Yes 
    WARRANTY 10 Years Limited

    • Are you authorized to sell Vego Garden® Products?

    Dive To Garden is authorized dealer of the Vego Garden®You can to verify our dealership. 

    • Why VEGO™?

    Vego Garden gained great popularity right after its launch and is now the leading brand in raised garden beds.

    • Where is Vego Garden Bed ship from?

    All Vego™ products will ship from Vego™ warehouse which locates in Houston, TX. 

    • What is the lead time?

    Begin on 08/09/2022. The lead time of Vego™ Models is 5-7 business days to ship. 

    • Do you offer free shipping? 

    Yes. All Vego™ products are free shipping to customers residential or commercial address. 

    • Can I schedule my delivery?

    Possibile. All Vego® products are shiped by UPS® or FedEx® ground, you may able to set schedule delivery or hold for pickup in your shipping account.

    • Can I pay now and request to ship out later?

    No. we can not reserve the in stock Vego™ items for you. 

    • Can I Pre-order if out of stock?

    Yes. Please feel free to contact us for the pre-order. 

    • How long of the warranty?

    10 Years Limited Warranty. 

    • How can I claim warranty?

    All Vego™ greenhouses you purchased from us will automat enroll to warranty since the date of delivery. Kindly contact us or Vego® to claim your warranty benefit. 

    • Still have questions?

    Check our FAQs page or chat with us 

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