All you need to know about greenhouse kit delivery

Greenhouse LTL Delivery

It is the great time where American can shop online and get they need to be delivered directly to their home. especially for greenhouse. It is different with the way of Amazon parcel however, it is important to imagine what happens once you place the order from us and get delivery. 


What is LTL?

Meaning of LTL shipping

Well. Most of greenhouses are weight over 150 lbs which can be considered as Freight. These packaged goods are transported across the continental by plane, train, ship or truck. In order to save environment with reducing emissions, we also use LTL (Less Than Load)  method which means these greenhouse packages will be delivered in bulk with one truck and maybe located over palettes for safety in our case because most of our greenhouses are made or distributed in USA. 


What is BOL? 

Bill of Lading

Once your item been picked up, we will provide you tracking information which help you locate your items and give you estimated delivery time. As mentioned above, our greenhouses are shipped from our warehouses directly across the States with a truck. Therefore the BOL (Bill of Lading) which acknowledge the receipt of greenhouses had been loaded onto a truck wii be used to track. If you get BOL, it means your greenhouse is officially on its way to your home. 


What is Lift-Gate? 

 Liftgate Truck

We ship our greenhouses to 48 states in the US, it means that our deliveries may encounter businesses that are not equipped to load or unload freight items. That's why we offer "lift-gate service" option to our customers as extra charge. All lift-gate trucks will be equipped with a hydraulic lift on the back of truck in order to unload large boxes or items easier.

The "lift-gate service" is quite common with residential deliveries with no loading dock or forklift, but it is optional service not required.


How to make the best of delivery

Broken box when deliver

Anything could have happened to our greenhouse from the moment it left our warehouse until it arrives at your door. We and our partner brands take extreme care in packaging our products but something still might happen like box damaged as picture shows above or missing parts. That's why we ask all of our customers to inspect delivery very carefully, make sure parts are not been hit or missed, sign in the front of driver before they left. It is IMPORTANT. Please note that before signing Proof Of Delivery you would have to make sure that the order was delivered without any damage and all products were delivered to you. In case if there is damage or some items are missing from the pallet you would have to document it on the proof of delivery before signing it in order to file a claim for the replacement parts and not being charged extra for the shipping. Sometimes, parts inside the undamaged boxes will be hurt also, we strong suggest you take the picture of each undamaged box before installation in order to process replacement.


The carrier does not accept “subject to count -subject to inspect - possible damage – loss or damage to be determined or subject to sort and seg” as a notation of loss or damage and therefore it legally removes the liability from the carrier.  

Example to document proof of delivery


Is that all damages need to be replaced?

We have to follow policy of different brands. Please acknowledge that the greenhouse kits assemble by several parts, the minor dents or scratches of panels or frame will not effect the whole performance of the greenhouse as whole. Therefore, it doesn't mean all minor damages needs to be replaced in order to save your time and keep your project in schedule.

Box Damage doesn't equal Parts Damage. However, you have to document on POD and report to us within 28 calendar days. If the damage is not noted on POD you need to report it within 5 calendar days.

Acceptable Damage Example: 

1. If the panels are not punctured through they should not affect the structure of the greenhouse.

2. If you see scratches or dents on the edge of panel, it is minor because panels will be covered by the metal bend straps in that spot and won't be visible once the greenhouse is assembled.

Unacceptable Damage Example: 

1. If the panels are punctured they will need to be replaced as this is gonna age faster that way and the water will get inside as well. 

You gotta make sure that provide us correct personal working phone number on file to get the delivery notification. We found some customers registered  as business number with IVR system, it is not easy for driver to reach you and make delivery happen. Please aware that EXTRA CHARGE may apply if you lose 2 attempt delivery opportunities. 

Finally, as we promise to our customers, we don't ask you to pay for any of standard delivery. All price of greenhouse you see in our store include standard shipping cost and sales tax. However, lift-gate for residential is extra charge, and additional shipping cost will apply with customers responsibility may occur due to your fault. 

Kindly check our Shipping Policy


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Happy Shopping and Let's Grow Together! 


Updated: 05/12/2022

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