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5 star service

Dive to Garden 5 stars on excellent service from start to finish.

Hi Jesse:

Sorry for the issue. the door handle broken should be covered by the warranty, so please contact 800-852-3443, option: 4, they are waifing to solve your problem.The customers satisfaction is our first priority,. please feel free to let us know if you need anything after purchasing.

Great shipping...arrived fast I'm still getting ready to set it up

Thank you

This greenhouse is very sturdy so beautiful and elegant. As I expected, it was not easy to install. I had a hard time installing it.

How the panels diffused the sunlight during summer really make me love this greenhouse. My plants do not burn and grow very well anywhere in the greenhouse. It also gives you a different comfort when you are inside the greenhouse plus the height makes it easy for me to move around.

It's easy to install. I'm 72 years old and finished the installation in 2 days with help of one person from our neighborhood. I love it!

I love how my greenhouse came out after assembling it. The manual needs some improvement since it shows images only. My advice is you need to check everything first before doing the process to avoid redoing it. This greenhouse really works well.

I have not put it together yet but the customer service I had with Dive to Garden was excellent. Their communication and prices are great! Highly recommend.

A nice greenhouse

The videos were very helpful, but sometimes they got their hands in the way of the camera. Also would would have been nice if the hardware came in better packages and were marked. It is best to watch all the videos first, then watch the video for each step as you go.

26’ greenhouse

The order and delivery were great. Super convenient and good communication throughout the process. Was able to get the kit delivered to a local logistics company 10 minutes away. Just started assembling the frame today and so far things are good. I constructed a wood base to set the structure on. Using a video along with the instruction book provided has been helpful. The metric conversion was a bit inconvenient but manageable. It’s premature for me to rate the structure but like I said, order and delivery were great.

Instructions are a joke.

Instructions sent with unit are different from PDF on your website. Absolutely the worst instructions.

Hi Robert. The PDF file on our website is the edition which we work with one of our customer and then updated it, it is more detail and we also put the note on it. That is why it is different with the one comes with the box.

For better assemble, we strongly recommend to follow our 2021 Sungrow installation video: https://divetogarden.com/blogs/learning-center/planta-sungrow-2021-installation-video. It help A LOT!

Wonderful Greenhouse

This greenhouse really has a very elegant design, and although it takes a while before I finished the installation it's worth it.

At first, I thought this greenhouse looks heavy and it worries me that I'm not able to easily move it to the place where I want to install it. But the Polycarbonate panels really help lessen the weight and I was able to move it by myself. Uncomplicated greenhouse to add to our garden.

I needed to study the instruction first before installing it to make sure I will do it correctly and it take a lot of my time.

great buy

I had a hard time installing the greenhouse since I do it alone. But I was really fascinated when I completed it, a really wonderful greenhouse.

worry free

This is a worry-free greenhouse. I did not experience any problem with receiving and installing it. Very elegant greenhouse.

Nice greenhouse

The attention to detail and quality is really outstanding. It took my husband a whole weekend to finish the installation with the help of his friend. We are really satisfied with how beautiful the greenhouse is after the installation, very high quality, very nice greenhouse. I should have bought a bigger one.

Elegantly beautiful with exceptional quality

This greenhouse really upgrades our backyard to beautiful scenery, so elegant and the quality is exceptional.

Mechanism jammed

One window worked fine. On the second window, the rod mechanism jammed and could not be fixed. Tries un-jamming it and it is beyond repair.

Hi Leslie:

Our team will create a ticket for you and report this to to manufacturer to resolve. Sorry for what happened and thank you for doing business with us

Sigma Greenhouse 10x26

Nice greenhouse, but needs much better assembly instructions

I'm so pleased with my greenhouse

This is the first greenhouse I purchased, I'm still in the learning process about this greenhouse. I used the installation videos online and they help me a lot. I didn't feel that setting up is too hard. I ask my husband's help to put the roof and glass. I finished installing this greenhouse five nights. I used bubble wrap to insulate the walls this winter. I'm so happy with my greenhouse and gardening.

Videos were essential in assembling the greenhouse.

Constructive critique

Assembly isn't completed yet, but: 1) Your illustrations are good. 2) You show putting
end panels on with no hint they are side sensitive until several pages afterwards.
3) Dimensions of window, door frames, etc. would be helpful. 4) It isn't a problem
for me but I'm sure it is for lots of folks who are unfamiliar with metric. Dimensions
in inches along with metric would be a help in U.S.

Great value

This is a great greenhouse purchase in general. Good quality, sturdy, and very simple. Although, the installation and the 100-plus steps have a few issues. There were a few that were hard to understand or unclear.

Well Built Greenhouse Kit

Well built, sturdy, nice size, easy to put together if you have the right tools.


Hi, our greenhouse arrived. Life throws curve balls, so we haven’t put it together yet. We do have an issue and that is the table. I think it was approximately $50.00 and not worth the money. We can’t even put it together because the wholes do not line up. We’ve put together plenty of IKEA furniture so we are not inept. I hope and pray this is not a reflection on the greenhouse. We’ll be working on it this weekend.I see now the work bench is $270.00 and totally, without a doubt, not worth the money.

Hi Theresa:

Thanks for taking time to review this product. We will forward your review to the brand for future improve reference. The RIGA greenhouse import from Germany and is different with Poly-Tex.

Happy Gardening.

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