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Based on 129 reviews
I like the size

I'm 6'6 and I love the size of this greenhouse, especially the height. I can easily walk around inside the greenhouse.

Great purchase

I never regret buying this greenhouse, this really has a good quality. At first, I'm thinking of buying the low-priced greenhouse, but I know it will be not strong enough to survive during winter here. The only thing I wished I consider was buying the bigger size.

Heavy duty greenhouse

I'm so confident with the materials and quality of this greenhouse. I'm sure this will survive in any weather. This is a very large greenhouse, very sturdy and solid. I can use a lot of space and room for everything.

Cute greenhouse

I really want to have a greenhouse on our patio, my husband thought it was a crazy idea, this Riga is perfectly fit and really looks so amazing. Although the space is limited, this is what I exactly need on our patio. This is really a sturdy greenhouse, you can compare that the panels are not cheap, unlike other greenhouses. I can really recommend it.

Love my Riga

It was not easy to assemble, and the price is more than the other greenhouse I saw. But when I saw how sturdy and well-built the hardware was, I felt lucky because I get a quality greenhouse at a low price. We have encountered snow and strong wind but it is proven that this is a good greenhouse compared to others. I am overjoyed with my Riga and happy knowing it will last longer because I don't like to assemble a greenhouse again.

Sturdy greenhouse

I was able to assemble this greenhouse for a day, although it says it will take 2 days for assembling this.
I suggest preparing all parts and grouping them by part lists before starting. The instruction is actually really good because it's all pictographs. The quality and sturdiness of this greenhouse are really excellent.

Phew! Our Americana is almost done.

It’s sitting on concrete footers four feet in the ground, totally over-built and could house a four storey home at this point lol. We used stone veneer on the outside to give it an old barn style look. The floor is open to soil as I wanted to plant my winter greens directly into the soil. I also plan on using it for summer season extension to cucumbers, melons, peppers and tomatoes. Then after the winter greens are done in February it will be used to start seedlings. It is securely anchored into the concrete footers and we decided to use interior cross cables to add security.

I love my greenhouse

Everyone that sees how I love my Royal Victorian Greenhouse feels jealous. Because I really love this greenhouse. It was not easy along the way on assembling, but when it was done with all the electrical and water systems. I definitely enjoyed it.

Thank you, my wife love it

I just want to thank you for the replacement gasket. We were able to complete the greenhouse and my wife is very happy with the result.

Easy to assemble

I’m 69 a woman and I’ve put the frame together by myself. It would have been easier with help but you can do it by yourself. They have good videos but they do need one for installing the automatic windows on the Sigma.

Hi Peggy:

Thank you for value review. We are working on more content regarding the assembly and will be adding them to the website as soon as available. You happy is our first priority. Cheers!

it is still in the box!!!

great greenhouse

Although it has a lot of parts to assemble and it took more than the recommended time frame to set up. Looking at the assembled greenhouse now, I can say this is a great greenhouse.

Easy to assemble

Wished it was in inches

So in love with my greenhouse

I'm so in love with my greenhouse. I got the perfect backdrop for my 8x8 Palram Glory, it's my ornamental apple that is so full of bloom and bees.

Solid Unit

Really happy with the the purchase. Design is well thought out and over-engineered. We live down the street from lake superior in Michigan's U.P. Extremely strong winds and heavy snow. Perfect fit for us.

great quality

This greenhouse is very high quality. Assembling this greenhouse is easier, and better than I could hope for. I used the video of the construction and it help a lot.


This is a great greenhouse. Sturdy, good quality, and really look long-lasting. Polycarbonate insulates well and is clear and resistant. In assembling the greenhouse the instruction with help of the video was straightforward. The written instruction is a little confusing because of its translation. We note the manual instruction while watching the video. I assemble, and sometimes need 2 people to help me hold and steady frame parts. The finish product and fits are great.

I love my RIGA greenhouse

I recommend RIGA to everyone that looking for a greenhouse to buy. This greenhouse is very sturdy, you will not get any problem keeping the temperature. It's really unbelievable how fast stuff germinates using this greenhouse. I'm very happy with my RIGA greenhouse! My advice is to buy a bigger one the first time.

Best greenhouse you will ever buy

The triple wall polycarbonate of this greenhouse makes great for growing or wintering plants. This is definitely the best greenhouse. It sheds ice and snow completely really quality built.

too soon to review

I'm still assembling my Sungrow 20.

Great product

It was a little difficult to assemble with only me and my wife, but it was manageable. It's the big panels that are hard to install, if we had another person to help us will be easier. I found it a little hard to follow the instruction but I thought it was my old age not able to follow them. Overall it's a great product that I can recommend.

tip on assembling

Very nice and sturdy greenhouse. The best tip to assemble is to watch the video.

good quality

At first, I felt this greenhouse is pricey, but when the greenhouse was assembled I understand why. The materials are good quality and I think this will make the greenhouse last for a long time.

Safe Delivery

The Customer Service of this Company is amazing. The Greenhouse safely arrived. We plan to put it up in a few months from now.

Too soon to know

Waiting for warranty parts for greenhouse, must complete building so we can install these lights.