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We couldn't be happier with our amazing greenhouse! To enhance its beauty, we decided to build a frame, and installed our heating and cooling systems. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a top-quality greenhouse. While the building process was a bit complex, but there is available manual to guide you through each step. I should have purchased a larger one.

I am thrilled with my recent purchase! My family gifted me a greenhouse for Christmas, and I couldn't be happier. Initially, we had purchased a smaller version, but unfortunately, it was missing parts, and it was not large enough to meet my needs. However, we had no trouble returning it and the process was hassle-free. We decided to reorder and went for a bigger one this time around. I was delighted to see that all the parts were included in the package. Although the instructions can be a bit tricky to follow, we took our time and carefully measured everything, and the final outcome was excellent. The construction of the greenhouse is top-notch, and it's incredibly sturdy. I am thoroughly impressed and highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a greenhouse.

Dive To Garden very good service

Several panels were damaged in shipping, but these were taken care of very quickly with new panels

Im thrilled

I am absolutely thrilled with my sunroom! It is the perfect addition to our patio home, and I am already relishing the joy of sitting on my glider surrounded by my lovely plants. The quality of the sunroom is exceptional, and it arrived in perfect condition, meticulously packaged and free from any damage. Overall, it is an outstanding product that I highly recommend.

Palram Glory 8X20 comments

Staff at DivetoGarden great to talk with about product. Received greenhouse faster than expected. Trucking company driver great. Packages in perfect condition. Greenhouse assembly - All parts there and labeled, extra fasteners for most used bolts and screws. Instruction are 71 pages of drawings...part #s and amounts needed listed for each page with inserts for clarification. Twenty foot greenhouse is NOT a two person job! Pre-assembled every part I could before moving to greenhouse foundation. (Kit is one 8' greenhouse with 3 separate 4' extension kits.) Assembly for 20' side (page 10) and top rail (page 37) installation, must add support in center of each when placing. Slide 4 vent windows in place BEFORE installing any roof poly - insertion of rubber stops easier through open panels on either side of window (page 48) ONLY serious disappointment in kit was side louvre quality and assembly. Poly for these was cut a little short so fit was not tight, edges of poly splintery where cut, metal holding louvre panels very flimsy and bent easily... not close to air seal when closed.

Hi Ali: Thank you for detail review of our product and service. It is our honor and pleasure to serve you as customer. Enjoy your gardening with Glory.

Extremely Good

"I am extremely pleased with this greenhouse; it has exceeded my expectations. It looks wonderful in my backyard, and I am particularly proud that I built it entirely by myself, without any assistance. Although there were some challenging moments along the way, which could have been avoided if I had help, I persevered and found solutions. After all, where there's a will, there's a way."

Great item

I recently finished setting up my Palram hybrid greenhouse, which measures 6 feet by 8 feet. I was pleased to find that all the parts were present, and the assembly process went smoothly without any difficulties. The instructions provided were excellent and I found it helpful to read through them a few times before beginning the installation.
I was impressed with the design and engineering of the greenhouse, which was evident in the fact that it was well-constructed and arrived in time

Green house

Not yet constructed due to weather constraints and contractor not available

Fantastic service!

Right from the start the communication and updates were timely and so helpful and I great appreciated the amazing customer service! The greenhouse arrived right on time and while a couple of the items were slightly damaged they were replaced very quickly. Thank you!


The product was shipped exceptionally quickly and proved to be very easy to assemble. It met all of my expectations and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I can't wait to start using it to grow my plants!

Love It

The product is well-designed and can be easily assembled, similar to LEGO blocks, once you become familiar with the instructions. The finished unit appears to be highly durable, although it may not be suitable for use in hurricane-prone areas. Considering the price, I believe it offers excellent value for money

Best Product

If you're a serious gardener who wants the best quality products, this greenhouse is perfect for you. Its durability is excellent. The manual is very easy to follow and I was also impressed by the flawless customer support I received. I must thank the exceptional customer service, which made the experience smooth and enjoyable.


While I have received my greenhouse the weather has not yet been good enough to assemble. The customer service with both seller and shipping was excellent. Thank you

Sigma greenhouse

Mary was super helpful a pleasure to talk to and was always there. The Sigma Greenhouse on the other hand is very cheaply made. I hope it stay standing. Trying to figure out how to add more bracing.

Hi Traci:

Thank you for taking time to review our products, your option will be sent to the manufactures for improvement. The Sigma greenhouse is durable like sungrow model with round design and cost friendly, and we believe it will meet your gardening need.

Wonderful greenhouse

We are not construction folks so we hired a construction person to assist the three of us in the assembly. Even with his help we found the directions pretty confusing sometimes. It took us 4 days to get the 20’ version set up, and we have still not installed the roof vents. Even though it was more challenging that we expected it to be from the reviews we are still in love with the greenhouse. It is very sturdy (has already weathered 30 mph winds with no problems) and very attractive.

This greenhouse is really great! it's good quality, this remains in good condition after 2 strong winds. Really good in wind tolerance and I love it. I gave it 4 stars because of the instructions. I recommend watching the videos. A Good base will also add to the stability of this greenhouse.

This greenhouse remained intact during storms, and heavy snow or strong winds. We tied and anchor it to the ground, you really need to have a foundation. I have a few problems with the window seal and panel but was able to easily put them back. The hinges need improvement, overall I highly recommend this greenhouse. Very strong greenhouse.


This greenhouse has already been experienced and tested by strong winds just after a few days I finished installing it. I would really say that this is a really sturdy greenhouse. It's not easy to install but the videos are really helpful.

I Finally received the greenhouse today. It seems so far all packages are in good shape. I am going through the hardware and seeing if all is there. So far so good. I have not got to the panels at this time. Thank you Mary for your help it was encouraging to see the company has you to help with this. You were very helpful and I will tell anyone looking for a greenhouse to use your company.
Thank you again.

Easy to install

I put this on my DIY wood framed greenhouse. This stuff is easy to cut, easy to bend around corners, and with the self tapping screws was easy to install. It looks great and should serve our needs on our greenhouse for many years. Thank you

ordered some Solexx to put on a DIY greenhouse. Dive to Garden was the best experience I've had with any of the other online greenhouse supply dealers that I contacted. Leo was able to find me some discounts, and after the order the communication was second to none. I was told when the order posted, was processed, and shipped. When I had a question and contacted customer service, I got a response within the hour. I am always skeptical with online ordering through companies that I'm not familiar with. I honestly don't know how the experience could have been any better. Thank you.

Sungrow 20™ 10X8X20.ft Greenhouse

This is the best greenhouse for those who really love gardening really good quality and beautiful. Thank you for the great customer service answered all our inquiries.

Customer Service five star

I purchased the Sungrow for my daughter who lives in Michigan. However the snow has kicked in and she has frame up only at this time. So my review needs a check back in spring. Customer service rocks! Thank you, Cindy