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Over a year has passed, and I continue to be extremely satisfied with this setup. It proves to be highly functional and significantly more energy-efficient than my previous one. Remarkably, it even weathered a hurricane without any issues. While it wasn't a task for a single person and would likely have been more manageable with three individuals, two older gentlemen like us managed quite successfully.

I'm thrilled with it. The person behind this creation is undoubtedly a brilliant mind. It took me just two days to assemble, and I have complete confidence that it will maintain its pristine, brand-new appearance not only throughout my lifetime but also for generations to come. This investment is truly exceptional and worth every penny.

Sturdier than anticipated, the assembly process consumed a full day. Overall, it's a commendable product.

Setting it up was straightforward, but the instructions solely consisted of pictures without any accompanying words or descriptions. This might pose a challenge for individuals who aren't particularly mechanically inclined. However, I recently experienced a thunderstorm the day after erecting it, and the structure appeared to withstand gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour and heavy downpours without any issues. Overall, I'm pleased with its performance so far.

After the challenging assembly, this greenhouse is now a fantastic addition. It's thriving with our abundant plantings and its aesthetics are pleasing as well. We're delighted with the results!

While assembly may be a bit challenging, all the necessary parts were included and fit together seamlessly. Watching YouTube videos and strictly adhering to the instructions is key to success. The house is sturdy and definitely worth the extra cost compared to cheaper alternatives. Unlike my friend's greenhouse who constantly loses windows in their cheaper model during strong winds, we've had no wind-related issues. In summary, I highly recommend this product to anyone.

I conducted extensive research before buying this product, and I found that it had the best price. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. The assembly instructions were clear, and I managed to put the greenhouse together in just one day. I'm extremely satisfied with both the product and the excellent service.

We focused a lot of effort on ensuring our backyard base was perfectly level. Once that was achieved, we assembled the entire greenhouse in just one day, including adding extras like the louvre window and automatic openers for the windows. We're thrilled with the results!

This product replaced a significantly inferior counterpart, offering greater strength, simplified assembly and installation, and vastly improved performance.

This project may take more than a weekend to complete, but once finished, it becomes both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Installing roof vents can be challenging, so consider adding hinges to ensure they remain securely in place.

We've transformed the greenhouse into a versatile space, using it as an art studio and a cozy dining area. With the addition of electricity and plumbing, it's become a perfect retreat. Located in Los Angeles, California, we don't have to worry about weather constraints. It was a breeze to assemble, and its durability has been outstanding; it's served us well without any issues for the past years.

Fantastic Experience

Purchasing this Planta Greenhouses was a fantastic experience. The greenhouse was not only well-made but also easy to assemble. It significantly extended our growing season, carrying us through fall and delaying our spring. If you're thinking about getting a Planta Greenhouse, I'd say, "Go for it - you'll love it!"

After a struggle with city permits, I managed to construct my greenhouse in 3 days. The instructions were lacking, but my construction background helped me decipher them. Hope it will manage to withstand heavy snow. I have extra parts with unclear purposes.

This product replaced an inferior one, offering greater strength, easier assembly, and significantly improved performance.

Last year, I acquired a beautiful greenhouse that has proven to be a sturdy and appealing addition to my yard. I opted for the polycarbonate panels, which, unfortunately, didn't accommodate the louver side window. However, they did provide an additional roof window. The assembly instructions were somewhat challenging to follow, so I strongly recommend thoroughly reading them in advance to prevent overlooking any crucial steps.

I'm absolutely thrilled with my Junior Orangerie greenhouse! The skilled landscapers put it together perfectly on a gorgeous paver foundation. As I don't have a water source nearby, I invested in a rain barrel that conveniently connects to the downspouts. I'm particularly impressed with the automatic windows – what a fantastic feature! Additionally, the shades not only add to the aesthetics but will also be incredibly useful. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

I bought the Greenhouse last year, and it's been a great addition to my yard. The sturdy construction and appealing design really stand out. I opted for the polycarbonate panels, which have their pros and cons. The assembly instructions were a bit challenging to follow, so I recommend reading through them in advance to avoid overlooking any steps.

After a struggle with city permits, I successfully assembled my greenhouse in around 3 days. Though the instructions were a bit sparse, my construction background helped me decipher the process. It stood strong through its inaugural snowstorm. I have a few spare parts remaining, their purpose eludes me.

The purchased of our Riga has proven to be an exceptional choice my wife and I cherish. Its remarkable quality and value have truly exceeded our expectations. In fact, my wife humorously suggests she might consider marrying the Riga over me due to her affection for it. For a trouble-free experience, I recommend diligently adhering to the assembly instructions.

This greenhouse is top-notch and can be set up without any fancy skills or tools. The instructional video is actually easier to follow than the written manual. I definitely suggest getting the kit with the foundation frame and shelves – it's worth it. I added a greenhouse heater, which works like a charm, although it might be a bit too powerful for a greenhouse this size. We mostly use it for spring plant starts, but it's simple to keep warm if you want to grow through the winter. Really happy with my purchase!

Remarkably impressive greenhouses! Sturdy and durable, with pleasantly minimal assembly challenges While the setup is straightforward, I'd recommend a pair of hands for the task. For those contemplating an exceptional enhancement to their garden, I wholeheartedly recommend Sigma Greenhouses!

I'm a big fan of this greenhouse! Setting it up was relatively straightforward, though a bit time-consuming. The effort was well worth it, as it's proven to be a fantastic asset for my plants. Plus, it effectively keeps mice and rats at bay, ensuring my plants stay safe and sound.

The greenhouse quality matches the description, with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. I appreciate the USA-made aspect and the evident high-quality materials. Having owned two prior greenhouses, the Mojave model from Riverstone is the best I've experienced, perfect for warmer climates and equipped with enjoyable and low-maintenance upgrades.

Great quality

Myself, my wife, and my daughter took a couple days to assemble this. The quality is great and the family time putting it up was better. The greenhouse is beautiful and has become a great addition to our household

excellent, everything is still packed up, and I assume all the items are present. I am currently working on the foundation.