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We can order any type, size or color of Janssens Greenhouses.

Use Configurator Tool

You may use the Janssens Greenhouse Configurator online tool to create a greenhouse that meets your needs by specifying dimensions, panel materials, adding optional doors and windows in various locations, and viewing available finishes.

The tool allows you to save your design as a printable PDF, or you may have a link to the design emailed to you.
Once you've created your dream greenhouse, save your design as a link or PDF, then get in touch with us at (832)-363-8000 and we'll create a pricing quote for your specific design.

Models can be customized

Helios Urban

Small but pratical


Arcadia Lean To

A functional greenhouse extension


Pyramide Orangerie

A functional authentic orangery


Giant Orangerie

Functional retro greenhouse


EOS Standing

High-quality classic greenhouse


How to use configurator

Click here to enter the tool

Question? Call 832-363-8000 or Email.

Pick Model 

Choose size and color on Action Models. For others, you will go to confurator directly

Locate Right Menu

Tab 1: Color and Glazing/Covering
Tab 2: Dimensions and Gutter Height
Tab 3: Accessories. Change position by arrows.
Tab 4: Additional Accessories. 
Tab 5: Settings ( Change meter to inches)
Save: Send us your coniguration # PDF to quote .

3D View

Any modifications made to the menu will be reflected here. You can zoom in and out as needed.


As these greenhouses are produced on a made-to-order basis and shipped from Europe, please expect a longer lead time. Orders with minimal to no customization may have a shorter lead time, typically around 1-2 months. However, for extensively customized Janssens greenhouses, the production process may require 3-6 months since each one is built uniquely.Once you've finalized your customization choices, we can provide you with a more precise estimate of the lead time.

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