How to Keep the Greenhouse Warm During Winter

This article will discuss the different strategies that you can apply to help keep your greenhouse warm during the winter season. 

In sustaining a warm and appropriate environment for plants during the winter season, applying various and efficient strategies in very important in your greenhouse. By following different methods and techniques greenhouse owners can create an insulated and controlled space that will protect the plants from the cold weather and will guarantee their growth. To keep the greenhouse warm during the winter season you can utilize the following strategies and techniques:

  • Insulation: Polycarbonate panel and safety glasses are the two common glazing that is use for most greenhouses. Polycarbonate panels are the one that provides better insulation to the greenhouses. Aside from the use of polycarbonate panels it is best to add additional material to provide additional insulations to the walls, floors and ceiling of the greenhouse that will help reduce the heat loss. Below are some sample of different glazing/insulation 

Riga 5 10x7x18ft Greenhouse- 8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels

Royal Victorian VI36 10x9x20ft Greenhouse-4mm Tempered Glass-Wall

Solexx Covering Panels- 3mm and 5mm Twin-Wall Panel for Good Insulation

Skypoly Polycarbonate Panel- 8mm Double-Wall Polycarbonate Panel

  • Seal air leaks: One of the common problems faced by the gardeners are the air leaks. It is important to always check any gaps or cracks and make sure to seal them in order to prevent the cold air from entering on the inside and warm air from slipping away. Gardeners typically used caulking in sealing any gaps and crack.

Clear Silicon Caulking 10.1fl oz- Best for Sealing Gaps and Crack 

  • Heating systems: Heating system would also be a good addition to keeping the greenhouse warm during the winter season as it helps to maintain a stable temperature. There are different options that you can choose and use from, namely electric heaters, gas heater, radiant heaters and even geothermal heating system. You can select from these options based on your greenhouse size and requirements.

Phoenix Greenhouse Heater/Fan 2800 W- High-End 2-in-1 Heater Perfect for Winter

Palma Greenhouse Fan Heater with Digital Thermostat- Powerful, Compact, Energy-saving and Safe to Use Heater

RSI Radiant Heating Propane Gas System- Designed to Delivered a Direct Heat and Allow for Temperature to be Maintained. 

  • Thermal mass: The addition of water barrels or large containers filled with rocks inside the greenhouse is another way on keeping the greenhouse warm. These are called thermal mass. These materials help in absorbing the heat during the day and releasing it slowly during the night which provides consistent warmth.
  • Proper ventilation: The use of vents, louvers or fans to control airflow and prevent excessive condensation or overheating is another strategy that you need to consider. By ensuring the proper ventilation, it helps to regulate the temperature and humidity levels.

Sungrow Automatic Window- Perfect Complement to Planta Sungrow Greenhouse


Victorian Louvre Window- 11 Glass Panel Louvre for Victorian Greenhouse

Automatic Roof Vent Opener for Palram Canopia- Designed to Automatically Control Temperature in All Palram Greenhouse

Riga Automatic Roof Window- Maximize Natural Ventilation for Riga Greenhouse

  • Heat-retentive curtains or blinds: The installation of heat-retentive curtains or blinds or the so-called shade cloth on the greenhouse will help reduce the heat loss while still allowing the sunlight to enter during the day. This one will help in giving additional shade to the greenhouse. 

RSI Polyester Woven Shade Protection System- Designed for Shade Producing Cloth and UV Stable

Interior Shade Cloth Kit for Mont- Designed for MONT Line of Greenhouse

Shade Curtain for Janssens Victorian- Full Length Curtained Designed for Victorian Greenhouse

  • Monitor and adjust: It is best to regularly monitor the temperature inside the greenhouse and make adjustments if needed. The addition of thermostat or automated system will help maintain the desired temperature range inside the greenhouse.

Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer- Support Basic and Smart Functions Temperature Monitoring and Humidity Graphs

Palram Canopia Heater/Fan- Energy Efficient and Inexpensive to Operate

Thermo 2 Digital Summer/Winter Thermostat- Ideal Controller for All Climate Control Systems.

Remember, the specific strategies you choose will still depend on factors such as the size of your greenhouse, the plants you are growing, and your climate. There will always best strategies and techniques that you can apply and the decision still depends on you. 


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