How to pick a right size of greenhouse

It is easy to identify the size of hobby greenhouse for your home from our store. There will be 3 categories: Small Greenhouse, Medium Greenhouse and Large Greenhouse.  

Firstly, locate any greenhouse products you are interested. The size will be included in products title.

Secondly, looking for the size small label on the product page


Then, The guide chart will pop-up when you click the label:

Now you may have a idea for the size of greenhouses that selling on our store. 

The chart can help you to identify the size of most greenhouse model. Still, some brands may have specific size doesn't complete match our chart. 

For Example: 

When looking for size of greenhouse, remember this small format: Length > Width > Height, and put 3 index together as consideration. 

The greenhouse which show above is 8WX8HX20L(D). The Width and Height match to Medium, but the length or deep number locates in Large scope. In this case, we will consider this greenhouse as "Large" because of the length.

In addition, similar with computer memory, you may always think the space of greenhouse never have enough. Therefore,  it is important that measure your space correctly, predict how large do you need base on plant kinds and essential accessories to choose the right size of greenhouse.

Reach us if you have any questions! 

Happy Shopping! 

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