How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for Summer

This article will discuss the different things you need to consider and do to prepare your greenhouse for the summer season. 

Preparing your greenhouse for summer involves several important steps to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants. Here are some guidelines to help you get started to make your summer greenhouse:

  • Clean and organize:

    The first thing that you need to do is by cleaning thoroughly your greenhouse by removing any debris, dead plants or weeds that grow inside and outside the greenhouse. You also need to clean the glass walls and polycarbonate panels, windows and vents by using running water or wet sponge and must check if there are any damages to fix so that it will maximize the light transmission. Make sure also to organizes your tools, supplies and pots and garden beds for easy access during the summer season.

  • Check the structure:

  • Inspect the greenhouse structure and parts if there are any damages that have occurred during the winter.Make sure to repair or if needed replace any broken or worn-out parts such as the polycarbonate panels, windows, vents, frames so that you will make sure that everything is in order and the summer greenhouse will have proper insulation. It will also help prevent the pests and diseases from entering.

  • Ventilation:

    Since summer is coming greenhouse temperature is expected to rise, proper ventilation plays a very crucial part in preventing the greenhouse from overheating. You must check all the vents, louvers and fans if they are in good condition.Remove and clear anything that will cause obstruction to ensure smooth airflow. You can also consider in adding shade cloths and blinds to reduce heat buildup on extreme temperature rise.

  • Shade and shading:

    During the hottest part of the day, you may need to consider in providing a shade to your greenhouse, but it still depends on your location and the type of summer greenhouse plants that you grow. By installing a shade cloth or shade curtain, it is a way of reducing direct sunlight and helps to control the temperature levels easily. You can also apply a shade paint to the panels that will also help in reducing too much sunlight but make sure to not block too much light since plants still need sufficient sunlight for growth.

  • Irrigation and watering systems:

    Water and irrigation play a very important role on the greenhouse for summer season. Check your watering system and make sure that everything is working and functioning correctly. Make sure that there are no leaks or clogs on the irrigation line and if there is repair or replace it immediately if necessary.  There should also a consistent watering schedule according to the needs of your plants and the increasing greenhouse temperatures.

  • Pest control:

    Due to higher temperature during summer, it brings a higher risk of pest and diseases, preventive measures are very important to protect the plants. Regular monitoring for signs of infestation and deploying appropriate pest control methods such as sticky traps, insecticidal soaps or biological controls. Removing of any weeds and decaying plants also matter from the greenhouse since they can also harbor pests.

  • Monitor temperature and humidity:

    Investing in climate control system like Heater and Fans, thermometer or hydrometer will help in monitoring the temperature and humidity levels inside the summer greenhouse. Make sure that they are within the optimal range of your plants. Consider also the installment of automated systems like windows and vents to regulate the temperature and humidity if necessary.

  • Pruning and Trimming:

    Regular inspection of plants is a must to check for excessive growth, overcrowding or tangled branches. Pruning and training them is very important and needed to promote better air circulation, light penetration and overall plant healthy growth.

By following and utilizing these steps and strategies, you can prepare you greenhouse for the summer season and can create an environment the helps in maintaining healthy plant growth and productivity. Remember to adjust the maintenance routine as needed based on the plants you are growing and cultivating.


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