Raised Beds in a Greenhouse: The Secret to Growing Yummie Greens All Year Long

Not only can you plant herbs, spices, and vegetables on a small surface but it's also easily set up and allows you to get growing right away. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice, a raised bed will give you the confidence to grow some yummie greens

When you have a greenhouse, you can grow crops in a raised bed all year long! Let's take a look at how to use raised beds in a greenhouse and why they're the best gardening decision you'll ever make.

Advantages of raised garden beds in a greenhouse

  • Organizing

When you tend to get a bit carried away while planting in your greenhouse it can get messy with pots and plants all over the place. A raised bed helps you keep track of what you've planted where and allows you to group similar plants. I for example have herbs and spices raised bed, a lettuce raised bed, and a fruit raised bed.

  • No pests and less of a chance of bugs

Greenhouses work wonderfully for preventing pests from getting to your hard work. When placing your plants in a raised bed, you have even less of a chance of bugs eating away your plants. Pots on the ground can sometimes still be invaded by slugs and other ground bugs, even though it seems impossible, they still find ways to enter your greenhouse.

  • Better drainage

The more elevated your garden bed, the better the chance that gravity will do the work and help drain your soil of any excess water. Overwatering can harm your crops and in pots you need to be extra careful for water to accumulate. A raised bed will decrease the risk of overwatering.

  • More comfortable gardening

 Gardening can be hard work. Almost to the point where it can be detrimental to your back thanks to all that bending over. No need to give up gardening because you have back or knee problems! A raised bed in your greenhouse will allow you to grow your crops year-round.

The only disadvantage of gardening with raised garden beds (inside or outside a greenhouse), is the cost. The initial investment of a raised bed is obviously higher than when you're just buying some plant pots. However, a well-built raised bed will last you many years and offers you so many advantages during that time. Are you a handy (wo)man? Build your own raised bed and control the cost!

  • Raised beds vs shelves

Most greenhouses are organized with shelves, and raised beds might be a little less common. In our opinion, a combination of both will allow you to optimally use the available space. When you just use shelves, you have the option to move your crops around, but they won't receive an equal amount of light. In a raised bed, you create a very constant condition for all plants, which will have a positive effect on their growth. When your greenhouse is large enough, you can put shelves on the sides (or on one side) and place one or two raised beds in the middle of your greenhouse. Make sure you have plenty of room to move around though!

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