Step-by-step plan after storm damage to your greenhouse

Storm, hurricane, hailstorm or thunderstorm  naturally will cause the damage to building including your greenhouse. Here is a plan to help you. 

damage of a greenhouse
  • 1. Photograph the damage 

The most important thing to do after storm caused damage to your greenhouse is collecting evidence. Take as many as clear photos of the storm damage will save your much time and avoid future discussions with your insurance. 

collecting evidence

  • 2. Prevent further damage

If your structure of greenhouse is ok but parts broken like windows, shade cloth, doors......, repair them as soon as possible by tape, strong foil or wooden plates. 

repair as soon as possible

  • 3. Request quotes

Unfortunately, storm damage to the greenhouse is NOT covered by warranty. If you need to replace parts or whole greenhouse, request a quote from us. contact us with photos of damage parts, we will help you as soon as we can.  

  • 4. File a claim 

Your greenhouse should cover by your home insurance. So, file a claim with your insurer as soon as possible. You can submit it online mostly. Remember send them all evidences like photos, invoice or quote to repair. Contact the agent if you need help to complete the file. 

home insurance claim

TIPS: Always close all doors and windows of your greenhouse before and during storm or under strong winds. Remember that if the wind has a free way, even the entire greenhouse can be ripped out of the foundation. 

damage of a greenhouse 2
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