Which type of greenhouse suits me?

There is no doubt that a stable greenhouse in your garden promises great pratical benefits. It can protect your growing plants under ideal climatic conditions including tenter vegetables, fresh fruit can ripen, valuable orchids, predators or exotic cacti. Before you begin to invest to greenhouses, you have to learn those types. 


  • A Free-Standing Greenhouse

Free-Standing GH Sample

This is the classic and traditional design or type of greenhouse which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles from modern back to Victorian, from cold house concept to greenhouse. As its name, it can be setup and stand independently. Such a greenhouse is a real eye-catcher as a highlight in your own garden.

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  • A Lean-To Greenhouse

Lean To Greenhouse Example

If you have a modest space reserve for a greenhouse, this type should fit you. It connects directly to your house wall. 

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  • A Balcony Greenhouse

Balcony Greenhouse Example

This type of greenhouse allow you to garden even without your own garden, it is design for small harvest quantities and overwintering plants. 

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  • A Tomato Greenhouse

Tomato Greenhouse Example

We usually enjoy tomato from supermarket in America, however they taste even better from our owe garden. If you want to cultivate tomato, some specific conditions are required to consider: Tomato plants are relatively sensitive and need a certain minimum temperature and a certain number sunshine hours per year. Therefore, a good greenhouse will give you the best environment for tomato plants. Most of tomato greenhouses equip with at least 6mm twin-wall panel, 7ft. hight and ventilation windows . 

Although it is name by "Tomato", it also design for growing other delicate plants. This kind of greenhouse offers shelter from unfavorable weather. And you also can use it as a winter quarters for other plants after the harvest. 

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  • A Mini Greenhouse (Cold Frame)

Cold Frame Example

If you do not have enough space or as the beginner, mini greenhouse is a good choice to get it start. It is tiny with almost same materials like big structures.

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