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AeroQuick™ Compost Bin

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The AeroQuick Compost Bins have been put through rigorous testing at a facility in Southern Italy, which features a climate similar to Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Their oldest test composters at that site are 15 years old and still working fine! AeroQuick Compost Bins will not fade in color for about 3 years, after which any color fading that may happen will be even over the entire surface, and happens very slowly. Made from high-grade BPA-free polypropylene copolymer resin – up to 40% recycled material.  


  • Much heavier duty/stronger than most other similar designs – the material is 5 mm thick.
  • Polyamide (nylon) corner clips are much stronger than any other compost bin, but still "easy" to remove if someone wants to take the unit apart.
  • New airflow system: unique wall panel design allows air to continuously flow upwards along all 4 side panels.
  • Rodent-resistant base available: optional with the 77 & 110-gallon units, included with the 187 gal. unit.
  • The hinged lid will NOT blow away.
  • The lid comes with a sliding lock – that works well – keeps possums and raccoons out.
  • Two side doors to remove mature compost (or simply lift the unit up and move it to the side for best access to the compost pile).
  • Compost bins are made from: high-grade BPA-free polypropylene copolymer resin – up to 40% recycled material.
  • Resin is UV stabilized, which helps prevent color fading.



    ASSEMBLED SIZE 77:  28.4" x 28.4" x 31.5"h/ 110: 31.5" x 31.5" x 42"h / 187: 37" x 37.1" x 43"h 
    PRODUCT WEIGHT  77: 21.9 lbs / 110: 30 lbs / 187: 49 lbs
    SHIPPING WEIGHT 77: 24.2 lbs/ 110: 33 lbs/ 187: 52 lbs
    WARRANTY 2 Years

    • Are you authorized to sell Aero® & GRAF® Products? is authorized dealer of the Exaco® which is exlusive importer and national distributor of Hoklartherm® factory in German. You can to verify our dealership. 

    • Where do ERGO® Products ship from?

    All Riga® products will ship from Exaco® warehouse which locates in Austin, TX. 

    • What is the lead time?

    Begin on Jan 25th 2022. The lead time is 7 days. 

    • Do you offer free shipping? 

    Yes. All Riga® products are free shipping to customers residential or commercial address. 

    • Can I schedule my delivery?

    This item will be shiped by UPS® or FedEx® ground, you may able to set schedule delivery or hold for pickup in your shipping account.

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    • How long does warranty cover?

    5 years.

    • How can I claim warranty?

    All ERGO® products you purchased from us will automat enroll to warranty since the date of delivery. Kindly contact us or Exaco® to claim your warranty benefit. 

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