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Victorian™ Greenhouse Sliding Door/Fly-Screen Door Kit
Victorian™ Greenhouse Sliding Door/Fly-Screen Door Kit
Victorian™ Greenhouse Sliding Door/Fly-Screen Door Kit
Victorian™ Greenhouse Sliding Door/Fly-Screen Door Kit
Victorian™ Greenhouse Sliding Door/Fly-Screen Door Kit

Victorian™ Greenhouse Sliding Door/Fly-Screen Door Kit

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Extra Single Sliding Door

Set up an extra sliding door for your Victorian greenhouse as double entrances. 

Additional Sliding Door for Double Door

Use this door to make your single sliding door to make the double door opening

Lower-Threshold for Sliding Door 

Size: 27 5/8"Long x 1 1/4" high (Customer has to cut the foundation frame themselves)

Lower-Threshold for DOUBLE Sliding Door

Size: 56 3/4"Long x 1 1/4" high (Customer has to cut the foundation frame themselves)

Fly-Screen Door

Mounted on the inside wall of the greenhouse.  Note: Black or Green  Unit is factory pre-assembled  - therefore very hard & expensive to ship as an individual item - should only be bought with a greenhouse


  • Are you authorized to sell Janssens® Products?

DivetoGarden.com is authorized dealer of the Exaco® which is exlusive importer and national distributor of Jassens® factory in Belgium. You can email:customerservice@exaco.com to verify our dealership. 

  • Why Janssens®?

Janssens® Victorian greenhouse aluminum profiles are larger, thicker, stronger than those of any competiter in this price range. The 4mm glass that Victorian used is better than other brands 3mm. You also can choose from glass or polycarbonate glacing. 

  • Can I customised Janssens greenhouses in your store?

Yes. Please contact us for customise your owe Janssens greenhouse ideas. The lead time will be 5-6 months.

  • Glass or Poly?

GLASS: Traditional horticultural glass (3 to 4 mm thick) is most often used in greenhouses because it is cheaper than safety glass. However, it is less strong and when it breaks it shatters into sharp pieces. Safety glass is five to seven times stronger than horticultural glass and should it break in an extreme case, it will fall apart into small harmless pieces. All our conservatories are equipped with 4mm safety glass as standard.

POLYCARBONATE: If you want to completely prevent glass breakage and also want to pay attention to insulation, you can also opt for plastic windows. These consist of clear double sheets of polycarbonate. They insulate 40% better than single glass, which means less temperature fluctuations occur in the conservatory. An additional advantage of plastic is that the sun's rays are effectively filtered.

  • Where do Victorian® Products ship from?

All Riga® products will ship from Exaco® warehouse which locates in Austin, TX. 

  • What is the lead time?

Begin on 08/09/2022. The lead time of Janssens product lines is 3-4 weeks to ship if in stock. 

  • Do I need permit ?

It is depend on local government. Please talk to them before buy the greenhouse.

  • Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes. All Victorian® products are free shipping to customers residential or commercial address. 

  • Can I schedule my delivery?

Yes for LTL shipping. If order shiped by UPS® or FedEx® ground, you may able to set schedule delivery or hold for pickup in your shipping account.

  • Can I pay now and request to ship out later?

Yes. We can help you to do that. 

  • Can I Pre-order if out of stock?

Yes. Please feel free to contact us for the pre-order

  • How long does warranty cover?

15 Years limited warranty on both frame and covering against defects in materials and workmanship when property assembled using only manufacture's original equuipment parts in accordance with manufacturer's assembly instruction. 

Download Warranty PDF >>>

  • How can I claim warranty?

All Victorian® greenhouses you purchased from us will automat enroll to warranty since the date of delivery. Kindly contact us or Exaco® to claim your warranty benefit. 

  • Does the warranty cover damage due to severe wind or a hail storm?

No it does not. However, the type of weather which would damage the Victorian® greenhouse would be such that it would also damage your main house and/or other structures in your garden. In which case this damage would be covered by your home-owners insurance policy.

  • How long does it take to assemble the Victorian® Greenhouse?

It is required to have 2 people minimum to assemble the greenhouse. If not considering site preparation, the assembly normarly take about 6-10 hours. It could be more if you have to install shelves and the foundation frame. 

  • Still have questions?

Check our FAQs page or chat with us 

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