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The Essential Elements of a Gardening in Greenhouse

Having a greenhouse is a dream for many gardeners. It offers a controlled environment where plants can thrive year-round, irrespective of external weather challenges. But, to create a truly effective greenhouse, several elements need to be taken into account. Here’s a comprehensive look:

1. Orientation and Location

  • Solar Angles: The greenhouse should be oriented to receive maximum sunlight during winter months, the most challenging period for plant growth.
  • Protection from Elements: Consider natural barriers like trees or hedges that can protect against harsh winds without casting significant shadows.

2. Type of Glazing Material

Your chosen material will influence not only the light intake but also the insulation properties. 

  • Glass: Traditional and offers maximum light transmission.

Janssens Victorian Glass Greenhouse

  • Polyethylene film: A cost-effective solution but might require replacement yearly, and has the least wind and snow resistance.

More expensive greenhouse = Thicker Panel = More Strong

3. Ventilation

Beyond temperature regulation, proper ventilation helps in maintaining the CO2-O2 balance and preventing diseases.

  • Manual Ventilation Window/Vent: Since warm air is gathering in the greenhouse, incorporating roof and base windows in a greenhouse can enhance ventilation and circulation. 
  • Add Automated Opener: Integrate sensors to auto-regulate the ventilation based on humidity and temperature.

OT Automatic Greenhouse Window Opener
  • Louvered Side Window: They allow for adjustable side ventilation to accommodate varying needs. And verlapping slats provide an added barrier against pests


Rion Side Louver Window

4. Heating and Cooling

  • Evaporative Cooling (Fan) Systems: Useful in scorching climates, Cooling system like exhaust fan or shutter fan will help maintain humidity and temperature
  • Shade ClothDiffuses direct sunlight, preventing plant scorching and reducing interior temperatures. Its varying shading percentages allow adaptability for different plant needs.

5. Insulation

Maintaining temperature is easier with proper insulation.

  • Thermal Curtains: Can be drawn across the roof during cold nights to reduce heat loss.
  • Insulated Foundation: Prevents ground cold from seeping in.

More expensive greenhouse = Better Insulation = Saving money on energy

6. Watering System

Efficient water systems save time and promote even plant growth.

  • Humidity Control: Some plants require higher humidity. Misting systems can provide this.
  • Soil Moisture Sensors: They detect when plants need water, reducing water waste.

7. Shelving and Benches

Utilizing space efficiently is crucial, especially in smaller greenhouses.

  • Hanging Pots: Allows vertical gardening, making the most of the available height.
  • Work Benches: Provides flexibility in organizing and can be moved for cleaning or rearranging.
  • Shelves: Maximizing your spaces and help in categorizing and arranging plants based on their needs. 

8. Pest and Disease Control

A clean greenhouse is less prone to infestations and disease.

  • Quarantine Zone: A dedicated space to keep new plants until you're sure they're disease-free.
  • Bio-Control: Using beneficial insects to counteract pests naturally.

Learn more about the pest control inside a greenhouse. 

9. Lighting Systems

As plants rely on light for photosynthesis, supplemental lighting can be invaluable, especially during shorter days.

  • Grow Lights: They offer a spectrum tailored for plant growth and are energy-efficient.
  • Light: Provide light source for your greenhouse.

10. Sustainability Features

Incorporate eco-friendly features to minimize the carbon footprint.

  • Solar Power Station: Fuel your greenhouse activities with sustainable power and ensure electricity for off-grid greenhouses.
  • Composting: Dedicate an area for composting plant waste to enrich the soil naturally.
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